The Promise of Rest

This has been quite a week! First there was the continuing trauma of the earthquake in Haiti. We watched in shock as pictures of death and destruction too horrible to imagine flooded our consciousness. Despite our prayers and giving, we wrestled with feelings of helplessness and inadequacy to meet the needs of the victims. Meanwhile, our own nation struggled with issues that left us feeling helpless and... read more

A Promise to Renew Your Strength

We’ve talked about mistakes we made in 2009, and our hopes for a better new year. However, hoping won’t make it happen. “Turning over a new leaf” won’t make it happen. We have to resolve in our hearts to follow the Lord, learn His ways, and lean upon Him. Can you resolve to let the Lord guide you this year? Will you keep Him, rather than your circumstances, as your focus? Will... read more

The Promise of Peace in 2010

Yesterday I asked the question: What would your life be like without worry or stress? Can you even imagine a life without worry or stress? Panic seems to be an integral part of the human condition. We sometimes even cling to panic as proof that we’re conscious of the state of things. “Well, duh, of course I know the world’s a mess. Look at my own life: it’s spinning out of... read more