Lost and Confused

  Challenges Women Face March 6, 2017 Dear Julie: Ever since I could remember I craved my father’s attention and praise. Instead I got his anger and harsh words. Due to my father’s careless drunken mistakes with me, it has led me to accept and be accustomed to abuse. My mother has had a very bad drug problem with meth for as long as I can remember. Starting at age 10, I was angry and scared I... read more

What Else Can I Do?

  Challenges Women Face January 23, 2017 Dear Julie, I was married for 15 yrs. but we were together for 28. Drinking was always a problem between us.His family are drinkers & mine are not. I was a bartender/waitress for 20 yrs. but hardly ever had a drink. I just never really liked the taste. When I quit bar tending, I really didn’t like it even more. I tried talking, pleading, and eventually... read more


  Challenges Women Face March 18, 2016 Dear Julie: My husband left me in October, 2015. We have 2 living sons together, but we also had 3 more children that miscarried. He has four other children with the woman he left me for. They have been together off and on since high school, she carried on an affair with his cousin the entire time, he split with her and that was when we met. It’s been on again... read more