Challenges Women Face September 8, 2017 Dear Julie: I’m writing to you with a heavy and bitter heart. I believe it is my fault. I did things I believe that were out of God’s will and now I’m paying the price. I’m married with two children and another one on the way. Me and my husband never are able to go out, we are always struggling to pay off bills and I feel my husband ignores me... read more

In Need of Spiritual Advice

  Challenges Women Face September 27, 2016 Dear Julie: My husband and I have been separated for a year. He is with another woman who his mother approves of and promotes the relationship. He has a drug addiction that he indulges in every other month when he goes on a binge. I love my husband but I am tired of waiting. I have remained faithful through it all. We have been married for two years. –In... read more