Praying for My Daughter-in-law

  Challenges Women Face January 31, 2017 Dear Julie: My family is in turmoil. My son got married last year and his wife doesn’t like me, his dad, or his sister. She suffers from cat allergies. She is on auto immune therapy and also allergy shots. We are not allowed in their home because we own a cat. She told us in order for us to come into their home we must go directly to a separate bathroom and... read more

Damsel in Distress

Challenges Women Face January 13, 2016 Dear Julie My husband and I recently separated because of my dishonesty which “led” to his cheating and having a baby outside of our marriage 7 months after bearing his first child. Rewind and pause for a second… I forgave him and accepted baby girl as my own… My family treats her like royalty…. Fast fwd… We went back and forth... read more

Just Wanting Peace

Challenges Women Face March 25, 2016 Hi Julie, I have been married for a year. We just relocated to North Carolina. My husband has a sick father, whom I have seen but never been introduced to. My husband spends the majority of his time with his father overnights. There are times when he won’t answer his phone, the majority of the time he won’t answer it. He responds to text messages but they... read more

Praising God

Facing Our Challenges Head-On! September 4, 2015 Dear Julie: Just wanted to take a moment to praise God. I complain too frequently about things in life and want to balance that out by acknowledging all that He has done for me—often things I find out about later. I’m trying to become one who trusts God more and leans on my own understanding less. I think that will lead to a more peaceful life for me... read more

The Promise of Peace in 2010

Yesterday I asked the question: What would your life be like without worry or stress? Can you even imagine a life without worry or stress? Panic seems to be an integral part of the human condition. We sometimes even cling to panic as proof that we’re conscious of the state of things. “Well, duh, of course I know the world’s a mess. Look at my own life: it’s spinning out of... read more

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