Seeking To Do God’s Will

Challenges Women Face January 27, 2017 Hi Julie, I have a question. It is my understanding that God places dreams and passions in your heart and I have had one since my younger years. I feel as though He is finally guiding my steps towards it but I think I’m in a waiting period. I’m getting discouraged waiting because I don’t know the next move. Anyhow, I see a lot of readings that say... read more

Stepping Out In Faith

  Challenges Women Face April 28, 2016 Dear Julie: I lost my job last year in July and also lost my apartment. I now have a job, and am thinking of getting a new apartment in March or April. I’m praying on it.  The fear I have is that the job I now have is contracted for a year. I give my tithes faithfully, and I know God is faithful. My question is, should I take a step of faith and get an... read more