Challenges Women Face October 6, 2017 Dear Julie: I am broken-hearted. Two years ago, a guy that I use to date over 20 years ago reached out to me. He was in Prison on a then 7-of-9-year stint. He’s married, but his wife moved on while he was incarcerated. We began communicating and keeping in touch. We eventually began to get serious. I would send him pictures, cards, and money because he had no... read more


  Challenges Women Face August 19, 2016 Dear Julie: My husband and I have been married for 9 yrs but we have been separated for the last 2 yrs. We have been together for 17yrs total. We are cordial to each other and talk everyday on the phone or see each other. However he has been in and out of prison since the beginning of our relationship. I have grown spiritually and now have a more intimate... read more

Seeking God’s Will

  Challenges Women Face April 26, 2016 Dear Julie: I would like your advice. I’ve been married for 5 years. At 18 I was forced to marry because I was having sex. I was cheated on and lied to and mistreated most of the years. Then he went to jail. I completely fell in love with someone else. I lost all love I ever had for my husband and I’ll be divorced on the 25th of February. Now that... read more

Lost & Confused in Florida

  Challenges Women Face April 19, 2016 Dear Julie: A lot has been going on in my life. In 2011 I went to prison because I was accused of child abuse. I didn’t do it but was charged because I left my daughter with the person who did do it. Not knowing he was going to hurt her. I’m writing you now because my husband and I want to start a family and have another child. I lost both of my daughters... read more