Challenges Women Face July 7, 2017 Good morning, Julie! Well, my story is I met a young gentlemen (John) a week ago. We hit it off so well. So well we both connected on an emotional level even before our first date. I felt how much the Lord loved this person. We both fell in love with each other and it happened within a week. We would talk on the phone for countless hours just talking about anything... read more

Seeking Input

  Challenges Women Face May 23, 2017 Dear Julie: I’m a virtuous woman who has been through some weary days. Before I found Christ I was on drugs for years so that should be enough and its explanation about that lifestyle. I knew of Christ at that time. One day he set me in recovery and that’s when I truly met him for myself laying on them recovery beds. Wow, it is amazing now, I don’t... read more

At Wit’s End

  Challenges Women Face September 30, 2016 Dear Julie: I came across a post of yours & it spoke volumes to me. I have been seeking validation in many areas of my life. I am a divorced woman & it seems the last 5 years of my life have been a total mess & super rocky. I lost my job a few years back & haven’t been able to recoup financially. I have lost everything including custody of... read more

Feeling Lonely and Isolated

Challenges Women Face September 4, 2016 Dear Julie– I had a very rough upbringing, full of severe abuse and trauma. Even though I have come through it and have overcome so much, thanks be to God who strengthens me, the obstacles never seem to stop coming. The severity of what I went through can make it difficult to relate to others without feeling isolated by the extreme nature of my experience in this... read more

Seeking God’s Favor

  Challenges Women Face May 13, 2016 Dear Julie, I’ve been divorced for 3 months, and sometimes I still contact my ex and him me.  I really want to be in a healthy relationship with marriage someday.  My ex has addictions with porn and food and doesn’t get help.  That is why I divorced him.  He was so into lying to me for years.  He professes to be a Christian.  He struggles a lot and... read more

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