The Promise of Strength in Adversity

This morning my friend Gail forwarded an email from an MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) pilot who is stationed in Port au Prince Haiti. David describes conditions as he is able to see them: all around are signs of utter destruction from yesterday’s earthquake. Yet, incredibly, his house and the houses of nearby missionaries (though possibly compromised) remained standing. Wisely remaining outside,... read more

A Promise to Renew Your Strength

We’ve talked about mistakes we made in 2009, and our hopes for a better new year. However, hoping won’t make it happen. “Turning over a new leaf” won’t make it happen. We have to resolve in our hearts to follow the Lord, learn His ways, and lean upon Him. Can you resolve to let the Lord guide you this year? Will you keep Him, rather than your circumstances, as your focus? Will... read more