Let Down

Challenges Women Face August 15, 2017 Dear Julie: I’m married to a man who has treated both my children and me very poorly throughout the years with emotional and verbal abuse. He is 17 years older than me. We have been married 4 years and have only lived together 8 months. I’m seeing changes in him. He is coming around somewhat. His daughter suddenly died a few months ago, and I was there for him. I... read more


  Challenges Women Face April 11, 2017 Dear Julie: My husband’s mother abandoned him and abused him physically. His grandmother raised him best she could but she got on drugs while he was a preteen and that also had him grow up too fast. Her drug use took her to move out of town when he was 21…so again he felt abandoned. Every woman he got in a relationship with, he says, cheated. Now we’ve... read more

Needing Separation

  Challenges Women Face September 20, 2016 Dear Julie: First and foremost. I want to thank you for your wisdom and positive advice for us ladies. Well where do I begin? I’m a married woman with 3 beautiful babies that God blessed me with. I’m a Christian and a hard worker. My daily life is church, my babies, and work. The problem is my husband. I met him when i was 16 and he was 23. We have... read more

Recently Separated

Challenges Women Face July 1, 2016 Dear Julie: Me and my husband have recently separated and I feel heartbroken. I don’t feel loved or respected by my husband. He just ignores me and when I contact him, he says he loves me but doesn’t make any effort to fix things, I try so hard to leave him alone but I love him and I don’t want a divorce, I don’t know what to do!!! I feel like a... read more

Forget About Him

Challenges Women Face June 24, 2016 Dear Julie: You seem to be a very spiritual woman that is led by God. I too want to be led in the right direction. I ask for guidance all the time. I’m not new to the Lord but I often times can’t distinguish whether He is speaking to me or am I just listening to my own personal thoughts and feelings. Well one particular issue is probably not hard to fix but... read more

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