Running Out of Patience

Challenges Women Face October 3, 2017 Dear Julie, My faith seems to be slipping but I’m holding on as strong as I can. I feel like I have changed a lot about what God has asked of me to change, but I constantly feel like I’m missing something. Every time I get near a breakthrough or a huge blessing, I find myself having to relocate or start all over again. It’s frustrating and... read more


  Challenges Women Face March 21, 2017 Dear Julie: I left my husband in 2006 because I was in a physical and mentally-abusive relationship. We have a now 16 year-old daughter and, in my efforts to keep her safe, I have not been in a relationship since. Unfortunately, neither of us has been able to afford a divorce, but that has not stopped him from having multiple relationships since the separation. While... read more

Asking for Prayer

  Challenges Women Face November 11, 2016 Dear Julie: I don’t Know if I’m writing you to vent or asking for your advice. Probably both. I’m 24 years old and a single mother of a two-month old boy who I love with all my heart. But I’m not on good terms with the child’s father. He has four other children by four different women. I gave up the idea of holding onto a relationship... read more


Facing Our Challenges Head-On November 10, 2015 Dear Julie: I have a situation I’m hoping you could address and possibly allow others for their opinions and prayers as well. However I would like to remain anonymous. Well I’ll start by saying I’m 28 years old and I have 3 beautiful children. I married my husband 8 years ago and we have been separated for 5 of those years. The reasons of... read more