Sign Me Confused

  Challenges Women Face March 8, 2016 Dear Julie: Me and my son’s dad have been together almost 4 yrs. I love him so much and hope one day we will get married. But I can’t see myself being with someone who’s always in and out of jail and not spending quality time with his son like he’s supposed to. Part of me wants to work it out and the other part wants to end it and just be... read more

Missing My Son

Facing Our Challenges Head-On! November 27, 2015 Dear Julie: I wish to remain anonymous please…here’s my question- 13 months ago my 15 yr old son passed away- my priest assured me he is in heaven which gives me comfort. But there are sooo many people who claim to get signs form loved ones- feathers, seeing a cardinal, etc. How could people possibly be in heaven AND here to send signs? I have... read more