Challenges Women Face August 19, 2016 Dear Julie: My husband and I have been married for 9 yrs but we have been separated for the last 2 yrs. We have been together for 17yrs total. We are cordial to each other and talk everyday on the phone or see each other. However he has been in and out of prison since the beginning of our relationship. I have grown spiritually and now have a more intimate... read more

Mother’s Keeper

  Challenges Women Face May 3, 2016 Dear Julie: I am 29, I have a daughter who is 12, a sister who is 15, and a mother who is 53. Mom has had 2 strokes, suffers from depression, and is a alcoholic. I’m currently living with my mom and helping take care of them all. I’m not perfect by any means and fall short everyday. I try to always do the right thing and live in a godly manner and help my... read more