Lost and Overwhelmed

Challenges Women Face September 5, 2017 Dear Julie: I need your help. I’m lost and overwhelmed and suicidal. Feel so alone battling depression anxiety and so many losses. I love the Lord but am finding it hard to go on. Please pray for me. –Lost and Overwhelmed ***** Dear Lost and Overwhelmed, If you are seriously suicidal, I urge you to get immediate help. Call the Suicide Hotline in your... read more

Probably Being Carried

Challenges Women Face November 15, 2016 Dear Julie: In the past few years, I have dealt with my fair share of troubles, but it seems like when I seek God the most, when I pray the hardest, I get nothing. I usually hear the word Patience in the back of my mind, so yeah I’m impatient, I know. I have started to feel (not suicidal) like I’m ready to go be with God. No, I don’t want to kill... read more