Alone on the Journey

  Challenges Women Face October 3, 2016 Dear Julie: I feel like I’m alone on this journey like no one is there to help me with things. I feel like family is not there. Please help.–Alone on the Journey ***** Dear Alone on the Journey We all sometimes feel like we’re alone on the journey. Sometimes our family and friends can’t meet our needs (even if they might want to).... read more

A Day in the Life of a Pregnancy Care Center by Sue Ellen Doenier

     A day in the life of a pregnancy care center. . . revolves around real people. If there wasn’t a PCC in Lexington, Kentucky, and if that center didn’t offer ultrasound, we would never have “met” Devon. Devon’s mom never wanted to have an abortion, but circumstances led her to think it was her only choice. Confused and uncertain, she wondered if she... read more