Challenges Women Face October 6, 2017 Dear Julie: I am broken-hearted. Two years ago, a guy that I use to date over 20 years ago reached out to me. He was in Prison on a then 7-of-9-year stint. He’s married, but his wife moved on while he was incarcerated. We began communicating and keeping in touch. We eventually began to get serious. I would send him pictures, cards, and money because he had no... read more

Wanting Advice

  Challenges Women Face October 28, 2016 Dear Julie, I’m reaching out because you said our name is confidential. So there’s this guy I met at a business conference in February. He literally has all the attributes I look for in a man. He’s God fearing, handsome, intelligent. He lives in Arizona and I live in California. We’ve spoken over a dozen times since February, even had steamy... read more