Challenges Women Face August 22, 2017 Dear Julie: I am a Christian, not a perfect one but I am a Christian. I have been friends with someone a very long time and just this January, we became intimate. We both really care for each other, but the only thing is he’s connected to church but doesn’t go. I fear spiritually I’ll go thru some unnecessary trials I could have avoided, but he is... read more

Mad at God

  Challenges Women Face July 5, 2016 Dear Julie: My life is full of trials and worries. I attend church…sing in the choir..try to be good to people…My house went into foreclosure. I can’t find a place and no place to go..I find myself getting so mad at God. I feel like he’s let me down and he doesn’t care. I have faith, but I don’t have enough to give it all to God.... read more

The Promise of Pure Joy

Does the world seem a joyless place–the news all bad? Does it seem that even when good news is reported, it’s recounted with a sense of incredulity and, perhaps, skepticism? Well, guess what . . . the world IS a joyless place, full of tribulation and sorrow. Abiding joy is found only in a relationship with Jesus Christ–and this CAN BE hard to believe, unless you’ve experienced... read more