The Promise of Pure Joy

Does the world seem a joyless place–the news all bad? Does it seem that even when good news is reported, it’s recounted with a sense of incredulity and, perhaps, skepticism? Well, guess what . . . the world IS a joyless place, full of tribulation and sorrow. Abiding joy is found only in a relationship with Jesus Christ–and this CAN BE hard to believe, unless you’ve experienced... read more

The Promise of Deliverance

Yesterday we talked about tribulation, an unhappy by-product of a fallen world. In the beginning it was not so. The Garden of Eden was a heavenly place filled with every good thing. If our original parents (Adam and Eve) had only obeyed God in the first place, sin wouldn’t have entered the world and we wouldn’t have to deal with pain and sorrow. But lest we become judgmental, consider how... read more

The Promise of Tribulation???

Whether you want to call it a promise or a fact of life, Jesus said “In the world, you will have tribulation.” Thankfully he goes on to say, “but be of good cheer. I have overcome the world.” Yet, we don’t like to “tribulate.” In fact, we often act surprised when things don’t go our way. We act as if there’s been a cosmic mistake made when bad things... read more